Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hello World!

Howdy World! Wordpress seems really nice! Like the title says, if I had only started this 10 years ago. There’s been many a computer projects come my way.

The latest has been my website and email migration to a little box I received from a neighbor. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure :) Installing Debian on a Motorola Powerpc MTX+ is another adventure in itself.

This will help with my uptime and I can play with some cool stuff on my desktop without worrying about losing all my email.

On another note, I’ve updated my Qwest dsl service to 7MB, and that’s been really nice. Thanks to Comcast for putting some competition in the market. My jump from 1.5 to 7MB was only an additional $10 / mo.

I also found out why I had a hard time forcing local web traffic through a filter/proxy. There used to be a netfilter option in the kernel: IP_NF_NAT_LOCAL. This option was removed in 2.6.11 and that explains why I’ve been having a hard time getting it working on my work suse laptop (2.6.13), even though it was working on the stock Ubuntu kernels. After I compiled this option for 2.6.8 on Debian sarge, things worked as they should. I’ll post more about this some other time. I’ll have to figure out how to get this working on SuSE sometime.

  1. Francisco "Paco" Martinez Says:

    Looking good. :)