Monday, February 20, 2006

Xgl and Compiz fun

I must confess, one of my main purposes of moving my email server to another dedicated box was so that I could try out Xgl and compiz without having the worries of hosing my box. I followed this guide. At first when I tried compiz I could only see vauge white shadowish type boxes. I saw on this guide that I needed a newer glitz if I had an older Nvidia card.

I must say this stuff is very impressive! I have a rather old card (GeForce4 MX 440 AGP) but after I used the newer glitz package in Dapper things went right along! I’ve posted my screenshots here.

Video didn’t work quite as well as I hoped. Xv output didn’t work at all (it froze), but gl2 or x11 with software zooming worked as long as I wasn’t doing any cool compiz effects :) And there are some other minor things like middle clicking a title bar doesn’t drop the window behind all others.

I’m not quite ready to run Dapper yet as it’s been locking up my computer quite frequently. I’m getting ready to downgrade my computer back to breezy, and I’m already feeling nostalgic. Guess I’ll have to try it on my Laptop at work with the fglrx driver.

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